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The Virtues Of Neurodiversity Enhance The Workplace

Embracing The Virtues of Neurodiversity to Enhance The Workplace means that individuals are able to be their best selves – most productive, most collaborative, most innovative and live more full lives.

Some key call outs from this article include:

  • With the concept of neurodiversity, there is no ‘normal’. Autism is just a different way of being and one of the many variations expressed by the human race. This encompasses #dyslexia, #ADHD and #dyspraxia, as well as people’s preference for socialising with others, for example whether someone has a tendency to be more of an introvert or an extrovert. Seen in this way, it is argued that neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life on this planet.
  • Autism is common in the tech industry, and in regions with high tech employment. In fact, some studies suggest as much as a third of software engineers and technical programmers may be somewhere on the autistic spectrum, with certain types of autism characterised by a highly-analytical and detail-oriented approach to tasks that’s uniquely suited to such roles. It’s also an illustration of the way in which an acceptance of neurodiversity – and diversity in general – can be hugely beneficial to the workplace.
  • Diversity is important because it results in products and solutions that reflect a variety of consumers and their needs– thus leading to more success and fewer misses.

Virtues of Neurodiversity in the Workplace – UK Huff Post

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