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IBM Makes Significant Effort To Recruit And Hire Neurodivergent Talent!

The fact that IBM is hiring neurodivergent talent from its recruitment program is evidence of the value these individuals bring to the company and IBM’s public commitment to the role neurodivergent talent plays in its on-going success.

My 5 key highlights from this article:

  • Neurodiversity initiatives require on-going commitment from top executives to be successful.  IBM has commitment from senior leadership. 
  • Leverage and partner with experts as appropriate.  IBM partnered with Specialisterne
  • Use a well-established program to recruit talent.  IBM partnered with Specialisterne
  • Integrate neurodiversity and train for success.  IBM trained managers on value of neurodiversity to their business and how to manage neurodiverse employees so they thrive in the workplace.  IBM partnered with Specialisterne
  • Recognize that neurodiversity is an extension of any diversity and inclusion effort, not something “other.”

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