Colorful umbrellas
Credit: ADHD Foundation

Diversity And Inclusion: How Colorful Umbrellas Tell A Story: (UK) (ITV Report)

My key points of this ITV report:

  • The Umbrella Project (under the direction of The ADHD Foundation, which is based in Liverpool) says that the project aims to raise awareness and celebrate a range of conditions under the umbrella term of ‘neurodiversity’, including ADHD, autism and dyslexia.
  • Using the simple visual of umbrellas to represent the diversity of thinkers allows immediate reaction of “ah, I get it” and starts the ability to dialogue on what neurodiversity is and what it means to everyone. Each umbrella is decorated by a neurodiverse child. Each child was asked to state his/her gifts, talents and abilities (their ‘super power’), with the aim of celebrating cognitive difference.
  • Helping children celebrate their difference is important to fight the stigma that comes from being “different” and helps to reduce potential bullying by others who don’t appreciate that differences are valuable, not threatening.
  • “The campaign aims to celebrate the many strengths and advantages that come from thinking differently and perceiving the world differently, and raise awareness in order to reduce the stigma, myths and misconceptions associated with having these conditions, demonstrating how and why neurodiverse individuals contribute to our lives, our families and our economy”.

Colorful Umbrella Project Returns to Liverpool (UK)

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