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Neurodiversity: Building a Connected Ecosystem

Throughout the United States and internationally, there is growing recognition of the value that neurodiverse individuals contribute in the workplace, schools and communities. Neurodiverse people are those who think, see and interpret the world differently. While each of us thinks differently, neurodiverse populations are often associated with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and related conditions. Successfully identifying, developing and applying unique neurodiverse skills, talents and strengths at work, school and in our communities is the focus of the neurodiversity and inclusion movement.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide employability consulting services to individuals & families, employers and academia to foster resilient, creative and productive communities, companies and economies.

Who We Serve:

Individuals & Families:

We help neurodiverse individuals and their families navigate the path to employability. 

Services include:
  • Employability & career mapping
  • Building messaging & story frameworks
  • Resume creation, customization (written, video) and cover letters
  • Interview management: preparation (phone, video, in-person), practice & follow up
  • Business coaching
  • Building & maintaining confidence & resilience
  • Self-presentation & appearance


We work with your managers and teams to create sustainable neurodiversity in the workplace programs. 

Services include:
  • Training & education on the value of neurodiversity in the workplace
  • Collaborating to create a lasting Neurodiversity in the Workplace programs
  • Collaborating with teams to pinpoint benefits of neurodiversity inclusion 
  • On-going business coaching 


We work with your students, faculty and advisors to create pathways to employability. 

Services include:
  • Collaborating on strategic and tactical plans to improve employability processes and outcomes
  • Resume & cover letter creation/customization
  • Interview management: preparation, practice, follow-up
  • Business coaching – managing self and relationships on the job & off


Why Neurodiversity & Inclusion?

My perspective and commitment to neurodiversity and inclusion have been shaped by many factors. I am raising a child with complex special needs and learning differences, including autism. My career in healthcare has provided insights into the opportunities that exist to redefine what is means to live a fully realized, healthy life and to create and maintain a healthy company. I have spent years learning about neurodiversity, writing proposals for creating neurodiversity in the workplace initiatives and playing the role of employment and business coach for diverse and neuro-typical individuals.

About Me

I am a connector who sees what is possible, calculates and communicates the potential value, identifies the right resources, develops the roadmap/plan, and builds the teams to make it happen.

My career spans 25+ years in healthcare, focused on identifying and creating new commercial and strategic partnership opportunities and bringing them to fruition through influence, resourcefulness, and keen relationship-building abilities. I have built and led cross-functional teams in commercial roles including strategic & tactical planning, innovation, marketing, sales, change management, operations and training. I have created, managed and grown significant strategic relationships from multi-nationals through start-ups.

What I’ve Done

I have coached both neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals on employability & career mapping. I collaborate to identify what makes the individual unique – their abilities and the experiences that bring them to life. I help them develop the stories that clearly message their unique contributions, what they have achieved and how that translates into employment success.

I have experienced success and setbacks and have persevered through many changes that provide me with perspective, empathy and tremendous resilience. It is my desire to share my knowledge to collaborate across the neurodiversity ecosystem with individuals & families, academia and employers to help others on their employability path, enhance all aspects of their lives and develop and deliver the potential for neurodiversity to make a positive, lasting & valuable impact.

This is my “pay it 360”.

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